Embryo Donation or Embryo Adoption

The Basics

Embryo donation involves receiving donated embryo(s) by patients who have undergone IVF. Embryos may be donated anonymously or to a designated recipient - family or friend. Donors will undergo medical, legal and psychological screening at CReATe Fertility Toronto. Recipients and donors must undergo psychosocial counselling in order to proceed. Embryos are also screened for infectious diseases or any chromosomal abnormalities.

How successful is embryo donation at achieving pregnancy?

Success rates with embryo donation depend on the quality of the embryos at the time that they were frozen, the age of the woman who provided the eggs, and the number of embryos transferred. Who should opt for embryo donation?

Embryo donation is often considered in the following situations:

  • If you have been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, early menopause - before the age of 40.
  • If you have diminished ovarian reserve - low quality of eggs, due to age or medical complications and medications such as cancer and chemotherapy.
  • If you have genetically transmitted diseases and complications that could potentially impact the success of the fertility procedure or may affect your child.
  • A previous history of failure with IVF, especially when your doctor thinks that the quality of your eggs may be the problem
  • Single men who have decided to have a family and have sought a surrogate to carry the pregnancy
  • A same-sex male couple who have decided to have a family and have sought a surrogate to carry the pregnancy.

Embryo Donor Program

The Embryo Donation program at CReATe West Fertility is open to all individuals who have been assessed and meet the eligibility requirements to pursue pregnancy by using donated embryos. The embryo donation process will involve consents, counseling, psychological, infectious disease and legal screening, genetic testing and personal history. Counseling is a mandatory part of the embryo donation process for donors & recipients. Counseling sessions will help you understand the psychosocial, legal and cultural implications related to embryo donation. This applies for both anonymous and known embryo donors.

CReATe West Fertility also works with Beginnings Family Services to support patients who need a donated embryo for their assisted fertility treatments. To learn more please check: www.beginnings.ca