Gestational Carrier & Surrogacy

What is the difference between a surrogate and a gestational carrier?

  • A Gestational Carrier is a woman who carries the pregnancy for another.
  • A Surrogate is a woman who donates her egg and also carries the pregnancy for another. Hence, in this case, the baby will be genetically related to the surrogate.

Based on your medical and individual circumstances you may need and choose to have a surrogate or gestational carrier.

To assist you in making an informed decision along with medical guidance, we encourage you to have a consultation with trained infertility counsellors. A infertility counsellor will help you understand the psychosocial, cultural implications and the impact of opting for a known surrogate or gestational carrier.

Who should consider opting for surrogacy or a gestational carrier?

Opting for a surrogate or a gestational carrier is often considered in the following situations:

  • If the intended mother suffers from intrauterine scarring, heart disease or other medical complications that could pose a risk to a successful pregnancy or the baby’s health
  • If the intended mother does not have a uterus or has other physical abnormality that can prevent her from carrying a pregnancy
  • If the uterine wall of the intended mother is too thin for embryo implantation
  • Same-sex male couples or single males intending to start a family

Who can be a Surrogate or a Gestational Carrier?

You can opt for a family member or friend to be a known surrogate or gestational carrier. CReATe Fertility Toronto has a well-developed program to assess the individual’s eligibility to be your surrogate or gestational carrier. This includes legal, medical, genetic, and psychological assessments to ensure they are the right candidate.

If you don’t have access to a known volunteer and would like to opt for an anonymous source, CReATe Fertility Toronto can connect you with government-approved agencies that can facilitate surrogacy and introduce you to prospective gestational carriers. These agencies will also suggest lawyers who specialize in third party laws and who can assist you in legal compliances and documentation for the process.