Donor Sperm

The Basics

Sperm donation is a fertility treatment where sperm from a known or anonymous donor is used to create pregnancy. Donated sperm can be used as part of intrauterine insemination or in-vitro fertilization (IVF) from an anonymous or known sperm donor.

Who should consider using donor sperm?

Sperm donation is often considered in the following situations:

  • If the intended father has little to no sperm or has low sperm quality
  • Same-sex female couples intending to start a family
  • Single women intending to start a family

Sperm Donor Program

CReATe West Fertility will collaborate with CReATe Fertility Toronto to screen the sperm donor and evaluate their sperm quality for its suitability prior to IUI or IVF procedures. This program allows prospective parents to choose a donor with whom they have a personal connection, such as a friend or a family member. The anonymous or known sperm donor will undergo the following evaluation:

  • Age
  • Physical exam, medical history, infection testing (HIV, Hep C)
  • Semen analysis - to check shape, count and quality of sperm
  • Genetic testing and family medical history
  • Psychological, personal ,and sexual history

If you clear the medical assessments, you will be requested to participate in providing consent to sperm collection and usage.

To assist you in your fertility journey CReATe West Fertility will connect you with the right agencies and accredited establishments that are approved by national and provincial authorities. These certified sperm banks will provide you with donor profiles and assist you to make a choice based on blood type, age, weight, height, race, and other features.

Some of the donor agencies that we work with are:

CReATe West Fertility and CReATe Fertility Toronto will assist you in this process.

For both cases, CReATe West Fertility recommends seeking assistance from infertility counselors so that you are informed and prepared for the psycho-cultural and social challenges that you may face in your parenthood journey.